Wortley Village is an incredibly supportive community, and the following actions demonstrate the pride and support that individuals and organizations in the neighbourhood. Please read on for ways you can support two exceptional groups.

Black Walnut Café Recovery Fundraisers

As you know, the Black Walnut Wortley Village location was on fire and ultimately had to be demolished on Sunday April 16th 2023. Black Walnut Bakery Cafe Inc. is such a treasure in the Wortley community and seeing the photos of the fire raging through this gathering spot was incredibly sad. Glad to hear no one was hurt, and thankful for the firefighters who battled the blaze. The fire was deemed suspicious and police have arrested someone for the fire.

Ways you can support their recovery:

Wortley Pride Sidewalk Fundraiser

(from sidewalk fundraiser) Wortley Pride is working to raise money to get an inclusive rainbow crosswalk in the heart of Wortley Village. Last year was the first Wortley Pride Celebration that took place in Wortley Village in London, Ontario, unfortunately, there was an incident that took place at this event that was fueled by hate.

As a Committee, we would like to put a rainbow crosswalk near the location of the altercation as a reminder that Love Wins and Hate has no home here or anywhere. A rainbow crosswalk will also let members of our most vulnerable populations know that they are not alone and their community supports them. Funds raised will help us to pay for our portion of the rainbow crosswalk installation.

We believe in collaboration and connection and seek to bring our community together on the grounds of celebrating identity, creativity, and solidarity. We advocate for queer safe spaces and foster spaces which empower our youth to explore gender diversity and inclusion. We continue to be a proud supporter of all-ages events, drag shows included and believe that hosting events which allow for gender exploration and creative expression for our youth builds an important foundation for supporting positive mental health and connections which ultimately lead to stronger, healthier, happier and more empowered community. Click here to support.
Skylar Franke


Lives in the Coves. Ward 11 City Councillor for London Ontario. Community volunteer & lover of the environment.