I'm a collaborative, action based leader and
have the track record to show it.


I used to be the Executive Director at the London Environmental Network. I’ve employed over 25 staff in the past five years, and have fundraised over a million dollars of investment into local environmental initiatives. Under my leadership, the London Environmental Network became Living Wage Certified and created new programs like Green Economy London and Greener Homes London to help Londoners reduce emissions and save money on energy bills.

I've also been;

Getting It Done

  • Engaging with City Hall - I’ve coached and supported other Londoners through the process of engaging at City Hall. Based on my experiences, I’ve taught people how to register for PPMs (Public Participation Meeting), submit a petition or delegation request, apply for advisory committees and much more. 
  • Connecting - I’ve sat on various committees over the past ten years and reported back to the Urban League and London Environmental Network to keep them informed on municipal issues.
    • Parking Standards - I co-wrote this letter on parking minimums while at the League as part of a city-led consultation process
    • Agricultural Advisory Committee - I sat on this committee for 4 years and was able to keep members informed on the Urban Agriculture Strategy

Leading Projects

  • Green Economy London - Led the development of a business program in the London community with now 50+ participating businesses setting and achieving reduction targets. 

  • Neighbourhood ReLeaf Program - Developed a new program that offered trees to low-income residents across London through  Neighbourhood Tree Blitzes and Tree Depots. Engaged over 300 volunteers, knocked on 22,000 doors and offer or plant 11,000 trees residential areas across of London.

Collaborating and Convening

    • Community Conferences & Forums - I’ve organized a variety of large-scale forums, bringing together Londoners from across the city to talk and learn about local issues. Highlights include; 
  • Coves Community Association
    • Co-founded the group with my partner, and have hosted a variety of events including movie nights, backyard BBQ, socials at the brewery and community clean-ups.

Community Expertise & Involvement

Often found in the middle of discussions about politics, community and the environment, I’m an active member of the London community. I have volunteered thousands of hours to local community groups, Boards and organizations. I bring a fun, collaborative, outcomes focused approach to organizations I have worked with.


  • Young Alumni Award - King's University College · 2019
  • Twenty In Their 20's - Business London · 2018
  • Vital People - London Community Foundation · 2018
  • Leading Women, Leading Girls, Building Communities - Province of Ontario - Ministry of the Status of Women · Apr 2018
  • Service Award - King's University Student's Council · Apr 2012