You've likely heard that the Thames Pool has experienced significant structural damage due to being in a floodplain with a high water table. The Thames Pool has been closed since 2020 from ongoing repairs and continued damage. This location creates issues with hydrostatic pressure, heaving the concrete slab base of the pool and piping equipment. In March 2023, city staff presented a recommendation to Council to decommission the pool due to the location and ongoing issues. You can read more background here

Council heard from the community the importance of having a pool within walking distance to the Core and Old South. Therefore, Council directed staff at the April 4, 2023, meeting, to bring an updated condition assessment of the Thames Pool and identify the scope of necessary repairs; and the associated costs and timelines. You can read the full report from staff for July 2023 here. As well, you can read media summaries from CBC, CTV and London Free Press.

Staff hired an external consultant to conduct a site visit and visual inspection, found continued cracking, widening, and spalling of the previously identified cracks. Evidence of sand deposits and flooding were noted as well.

Two repair options are further detailed in this report, both focus on “like for like” repairs.

  • Option 1 - costs $1.92 million -  includes repairs to the return piping to operate the pool as it had previously with the reinstallation of hydrostatic relief ports and includes new weeping tile and site drain to monitor and mitigate groundwater levels.
  • Option 2 - costs $2.3 million - repairs are similar to Option 1 except rather than install the return piping under the slab they would be installed under the pool deck and enter at the pool walls. This adjustment would move the return piping further above the groundwater table and reduce the probability of damage.
  • Option 3 - no repairs

The above detailed repairs are complex due to the proximity to the river, weather sensitive construction and unknown variables such as the substructure and
unpredictable weather events. In addition, sufficient time for detailed design, permits and consultation, public tendering, and weather sensitive construction it would not be feasible for the pool to be operational for the 2024 season. Contingent on direction and funding, the earliest the pool could be open for use is 2025. 

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