Committee debated the Thames Pool again last night at Community and Protective Services (Tues July 18), I asked for support to repair the Thames Pool (one final time), and then find a long term location for a pool within walking distance. You can see the summary here.

Committee made the decision to recommend to Council to decommission the Thames Pool, and work with the community to identify long term recreational facilities for that area, as well as a long-term location for an indoor pool within walking distance. (see full motion below). This motion will go to Council on July 25th at 1pm for approval from Council.
I have heard a variety of perspectives about the Thames Pool, from a complete rehabilitation to decommission and move on. I know that there will be a lot of mixed reactions to this decision.
As always - please reach out to me at [email protected] with your thoughts. Please email all Councillors with your thoughts by Tuesday July 25th to help inform the final decision - emails here:

The new direction from committee is:

That Civic Administration be directed to

  1. proceed with the process to decommission Thames Pool
  2. undertake a community consultation with regard to implementing new amenities in Thames Park including but not limited to; pickle ball courts, basketball courts, or other amenities
  3. undertake a review of a new spray pad in Thames Park or in Wortley on the village green, in consultation with the community on preferred location
  4. undertake a feasibility study for the potential location of a new indoor pool opportunity including; Murray Park, Rowntree Park, and other appropriate city owned properties within the same general geographic service catchement area as Thames Pool
  5. to continue to provide transportation options to other aquatics facilities for area residents
  6. that parts b, c, d, and e not exceed a combined budget of $1.92 million, consistent with the lowest cost temporary repair option for the current Thames Pool location outlined in the staff report

*it being noted that the costs associated with part a) related to any required demolition of decommissioning the existing pool.

Skylar Franke


Lives in the Coves. Ward 11 City Councillor for London Ontario. Community volunteer & lover of the environment.