On December 12, 2023, at the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee, City staff released the City of London’s three draft budgets and gave a presentation related to these budgets. The City uses a four-year cycle to budget (2024 to 2027). The City has three budgets:

  • Property Tax Budget
  • Water Budget, and
  • Wastewater and Treatment Budget.

The release of the budgets represents the start of an important process. Ultimately, the budget will be approved in March. Before we get there, Council will evaluate the budgets - both the budgets to maintain the existing municipal services Londoners currently receive as well as several business cases. These business cases show:

  • impacts due to new or changed Provincial or Federal legislation that the City needs to adopt, 
  • decision points to be made on new investments to aid putting the City’s strategic plan into action, and
  • a couple of opportunities for budget reductions.

Before we get to budget approval in March, a very important phase takes place – the feedback and input phase. To help the Mayor and Council with their review of the budget, Londoners are asked to get involved and provide input. Let City Council know what you think – what you support or what you think the budget priorities should be.

Currently the base budget is sitting at 4.9% over 4 years (average of $175 a year per household) and that's just our existing services plus inflation. In addition,  there is .43% downloaded increases from the province, as well as 74 additional businesses cases from various city departments, boards and agencies.

Council will be reviewing and deliberating the budgets in February and this feedback will be critical to support this process. There are many ways to engage including:

  • You can click the button below to complete a survey
  • Email me at [email protected]
  • Email all of Council
  • Speak at a PPM
  • Attend a drop in session



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Skylar Franke


Lives in the Coves. Ward 11 City Councillor for London Ontario. Community volunteer & lover of the environment.