Two phenomenal Ward 11 community members are organizing Car Free Day activities for Sunday Sept 22nd 2024. As part of their initiative, I'm bringing a motion to committee next week asking for support for a Fare Free Day, which is essentially a day to ride the bus without having to buy a ticket. You can read my motion and the volunteer organizer's letter on the SPPC agenda here. London can join cities like Canmore Alberta which offers free transit for all residents, or Burlington which offers free transit for seniors over 65.

Increasing bus ridership helps in a variety of ways including:
-More bus riders means more Provincial Gas Tax money (which is based on ridership), making our transit more affordable
-More people on the bus means less in their cars, which means less traffic
-More people riding the bus instead of driving means reduces emissions, helping us meet our Mode Share and Climate targets.
Bus Trip Ideas:
-Organize a family picnic in the park and everyone takes the bus
-Check out a new restaurant
-Visit a different library branch
-Enjoy a patio beer somewhere!
-Meet up for coffee with friends
-No need to worry about parking or gas
-No need to worry about who's the designated driver
-No need to get frustrated by being in traffic
-Having fun social interactions with the bus driver and other bus riders

If you'd like to share a quick email saying what you'd do and where you would travel on a Fare Free Day - we'd love your support! Email [email protected] before Mon May 6th at 9am to get on the added agenda.
Skylar Franke


Lives in the Coves. Ward 11 City Councillor for London Ontario. Community volunteer & lover of the environment.